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Philosophy and Ethics

At Mewsings, our philosophy is that we are ultimately responsible for each and every kitten we bring into this world throughout their lives - our support does not end when a kitten leaves us for their purr-ever home. We are always available to offer advice and support for our families and the many friends we have through our kittens and cats.

We want to know you and have you know our babies. If it's geographically possible, we ask you to come to our home and see our babies. We want to see you interact with our cats and match our babies with the family purrfect for them. Once your baby has chosen you, we ask you to come and visit weekly so they get to know you, and you them. You'll be requested to bring a piece of bedding and some toys that will go with our baby to their new home as something familiar when the time comes. Have a name in mind ? We want to know so we can start calling them by it.

If you can't come and visit, expect phone calls and emails, with photos of the everyday things your new baby is up to. If your baby needs to be shipped to you, we make sure they are safe, secure and handled by us until the last possible second prior to boarding with a reputable airline.

Your baby will spend at least the first 12 weeks of their lives with us. We treat our babies as individual purr-sonalities, and assess their readiness to leave on a case by case basis. Some need their Mum a little longer than others, but in general terms at 12 weeks most kittens are socially mature and able to enter your family as a happy settled cat.

We want to know about our babies. How they settled in, funny things they do, concerns you have. We've gone to show debuts, vet check-ups, and laughed along with silly things that have happened in our baby's new home. We make it a point to call several times in the first week, to make sure that the transition from our hearts to yours is as smooth as possible.

We are cat lovers first, breeders second. We do what we can to help all cats. We've hand-raised and homed dumped kittens, fostered mistreated moggies that needed some TLC and support our local no-kill shelter, The Animal Protection Society of Western Australia. We know we can't save every cat, but each life we can save we do.

We keep our cats indoors. An indoor cat is not at risk to attacks, disease and cruelty, nor does it pose a threat to the natural environment. Our cats have access to an enclosed cat run to experience the garden in a controlled setting, and as we live on a park they are leash trained and enjoy a stroll with us. We feel this is a happy balance and provides a stimulating life for our cats without putting them or our native animals at risk.


We sterilise all our babies as part of our costs before they leave us. Responsible pet care is what we promote and believe in. To the inevitable statement we hear far too often of people who 'want their children to see the "Joy of Birth", may we remind you of the sequel - the horror of euthanasia for too many unwanted kittens. If you truly want your kids to see birth, we suggest that you foster a pregnant stray from your local shelter. These cats are usually very young, very scared and just crying out for love. Take one in, care for her, love her. When you see those kittens and watch them grow, remember what Mummy Cat has been through. When it's time to take the kittens to the shelter to find homes, repay the mother cat by offering her a permanent home with you. Believe me, the love and devotion you'll get in return will make your heart sing. Speying and Neutering saves lives.

We guarantee our kitten's heath. We use DNA tests and regular checkups to ensure that our breeding cats are the best they can be and screen for genetic conditions. We have not lost any of our placed babies to genetic ill-health and our goal is to keep it that way. Your baby will be vaccinated, wormed and health checked before they leave us and we encourage you to seek a second opinion from your own vet for peace of mind. We stand behind our babies.