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Adopting A Mewsings Ragdoll

Currently Available

We have kittens available.  Please  contact me if you are interested.


Anzac and Lily are looking for a new home

Anzac and Lily are they are 9 and 10 respectively.  Their owner is unfortunately unable to keep them and needs to rehome them.  They would be better off in a home with older or no children.  They have lived together their whole lives so we would prefer not to separate them.
Their current owner is lovely, and has been working hard to keep them, but she's 7 months pregnant with number three and Lily is making herself sick with stress because she is not coping with living in a house with two toddlers.  Their vet suggested drugging her or putting her to sleep as the only options left, hence why we are looking to rehome her.

If you can give them a loving, safe home please contact me


So you've decided to take the plunge, and welcome a Ragdoll into your life. Firstly - good choice - secondly, here's some things you need to consider :


Some people don't care so long as it's a Ragdoll. Other people want a blue colourpoint boy, at a particular time of the year. It's an individual choice and we will do our best to accommodate you, but be aware that you may have to wait for specific colours and patterns. Once you know the colour and pattern you want the next step is decide :


Do you simply want a kitten to cuddle up with on the lounge ? Or do you want to try your hand at winning a rosette ? This is something you need to decide BEFORE selecting your kitten. Why ? The standards for showing cats are strict - depth of eye colour, head shape, profile and coat markings are all spelt out very clearly - as the aim is to encourage breeders to aim for the perfect example of the breed. Cats and kittens that are perfectly happy and healthy cats but have some small cosmetic flaw - such as an off-centre mask on a bi-colour - are not destined for the show bench but instead for a life of luxury as a treasured furry family member.

We will tell you early on if your cat is show-marked (meaning that there is no cosmetic faults that will disqualify your cat from championship competition). "Show quality' is a term used to capture the whole package - boning, head type, eye set, coat colour and conformity, overall proportions of the cat - and this takes time to develop. Be wary of claims that kittens as young as 6 weeks of age are show stoppers. There are no guarantees at that age, as they are changing daily. We prefer to evaluate the kitten over time to make sure that any kittens designated as "Show Quality" are truly the best examples of the breed.


Entirely up to you. There is no purrsonality difference between the genders, but boys are around 20% larger than the girls. If you want a big boofy cat, a girl is perhaps not your best choice. Kittens that are desexed of either gender will not spray, so it really comes down to purr-sonal preference.

About the only time it does matter, is if you want a Tortie - genetically, torties are only female cats ( there are occasional sterile tortie males born, but its very rare) and the male equivalent is a red or cream. You can get red and cream girls just not tortie boys !

These three things decided, drop us an email to enquire.