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These are some of our favourite internet places to visit :


General Ragdolls and Fun Stuff :









http://ragdols.proboards55.com - Ragdolls, Ragdolls, Ragdolls


A chat and photo message board with Breeders, Pet Owners and general cat enthusiasts.  Great for discussions on both the serious and the silly side of living with cats.


Other Ragdoll breeders who share our philosophies :


http://www.medievalcattery.com/ragdolls.html - Connie Harvey,  USA

Medieval Cattery


http://www.rivendollragdolls.com/ - Michele Brandis, Western Australia



Diet :

http://www.aussiermb.org.au  Raw Meaty Bones"  -:  Dr Tom Londsdale.


"Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats" - Author Kymythy Schultz ( Animal nutritionist, available at www.amazon.com)


Health and Wellbeing :

http://www.vin.com/PetCare/Main.htm - The Pet Care Forum

Articles, Q&A, chat rooms, polls and newsletters for all companion animals.  A very interesting Veterinary Drug info section


http://web.vet.cornell.edu/Public/FHC/FelineHealth.html - Cornell Feline Health Page

Terrific resource for cat care and health information


Associations :

http://www.felinecontrolcouncilofwesternaustralia.com.au/ FCCWA


http://www.tica.org/ - The International Cat Association


http://www.cfainc.org/  - The Cat Fancier's Association


http://www.hotkey.net.au/~ccca/  - Coordinating Cat Council of Australia

All things Aussie in the Cat Fancy !!  Show Schedules, breed profiles, state affiliates.


Cat-related Products



http://www.catnip.com.au/index.html - Catnip Cat enclosures

 Interested in creating a safe place and way for your cat to experience the great outdoors with none of the dangers to them or the wild life ?  Some practical ideas and products


http://www.catgifts.com/p229.htm - Kit n Kaboodle

Fantastic shopping site - online all things cat, and they ship to Australia !!


Other Breeds

Cuddleton British Shorthair